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Scenario Simulation

For new-comers to analytics, sim is the easiest way to engage with analytics.

What if we…

  • Increase all our prices by 5%?
  • Time our media to coincide with our promotions?
  • Introduce a new product to our range?

Piquant sim is designed to use marketing analytics to answer specific questions such as these. Totally bespoke, piquant sim uses modelling tools and techniques to add rigour to your decision making. Sim works by turning your options into outputs so you can explore the implications of different alternatives.

Simply contact us with your question and we’ll show you how piquant sim can help. But, whether you’re new to analytics, or thoroughly acquainted, the chances are you can do more with analytics to help you make tough decisions. Piquant sim helps you do just that.

Benefits for you

  • Powerful decision-support tools to help you make the right decisions
  • Prove your decisions – to yourself, and others
  • Quick, flexible with ‘just enough’ rigour for an 80/20 answer
  • Completely bespoke – we devise the right approach for your unique situation
  • Tap into piquant’s extensive experience to generate new, creative options that you may not have considered