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Full Mix Modelling

Piquant mix disentangles the impact of historic sales drivers to work out the exact contribution of each one to sales.

Drivers, such as:

  • Media – full media mix by medium, creative and flight
  • Promotions – trade and consumer promotions, by mechanic
  • Price changes
  • Distribution growth or loss
  • New product launches – incremental sales and cannibalisation
  • Consumer, macroeconomic and category trends
  • Competitive steal – through their promotions, NPD, distribution, price

In practice these things tend to change together. Piquant mix accurately quantifies the individual effect of simultaneous drivers by analysing correlations over time. Piquant mix is powered by econometric modelling (marketing mix modelling). Our models are:

  • High quality – accurate, robust and reliable
  • Comprehensive – explain at least 95% of your historic sales
  • Granular – capture individual flights of media, individual promotions, competitor steal and subtle interactive effects

Benefits for you

  • Know exactly what drives your sales – focus on the things that matter most
  • Quantify the impact of your marketing activities – fine-tune your mix to improve ROI
  • Identify which competitors impact you most and how – compete more effectively
  • Understand how market trends impact your sales – keep your brands in touch with your consumers
  • Determine how incremental NPD is to your sales – minimise cannibalisation to maximise your brand footprint