Innovative Analytics: Outstanding Marketing

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The client, a major international FMCG company, was predicting a flat P&L in their biggest region due to stagnant demand and tough trading conditions.

The Board was expecting more.

We helped them bridge the gap…

‘Hidden Opportunity’

‘We modelled the lion’s share of their portfolio to find the best growth drivers by brand, market and medium. Then, using our findings, we built a financial optimisation model that showed how to make better use of the marketing and sales budget to produce a significantly better P&L, one that went a long way to meeting their targets. In fact, we uncovered enough hidden growth opportunities to warrant an increase in the total marketing budget, and helped them build a financial case to demonstrate this.

‘Stakeholder engagement’

Engagement was absolutely essential on a project of this scale, with this many stakeholders, each with different goals and priorities. We worked continuously with the client to build a compelling case for change, securing the buy-in of senior stakeholders across the business, from sales, marketing and finance, and with external partners. Scenarios were created to explore the impact of different investment allocations, with a final, consensus scenario being developed which unlocked the most financial value whilst taking account of other significant organisational priorities.

‘KPIs and the future’

The solution is currently being implemented with tracking to monitor the progress towards achieving the success factors identified as critical in the project and, if necessary, take further action to ensure that the client realises the full financial benefit.