Innovative Analytics: Outstanding Marketing

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About us

Typical Analytics Provider

  • Biased
    Providers are often media owners resulting in partial and biased results.
  • Data-led
    Agenda is set by data providers trying to find more uses for their data – not by you, or your challenges.
  • A Model
    Identical analytics solutions are applied automatically and with little thought to diverse marketing investment issues:
    “Here’s our technique. What’s your problem?”
  • Insights Only
    Client people and processes are unaligned or disengaged with analytics – insights don’t break through organisational silos and as a result end up in the proverbial “bottom drawer”.

When analytics is used to enhance marketing performance, the results are usually under-leveraged. The result? Much of the quoted 10% ROI improvement is at risk.

The Piquant Difference

  • Independent
    Piquant is owned and managed by our principals. Our only objective is your business success.
  • Issue-led
    We aren’t selling anything except solutions to your marketing and sales problems.
  • A Solution
    Every assignment starts with the decisions you need to make. From there we work back to create a solution that begins where you are now and bridges the gap to the right decision.
  • Insights and Engagement
    We use our unique Insight + People + Process approach to align your people and processes to the solution, ensuring breakthrough. Read more about IPP…

Piquant is different. We task ourselves with creating analytical solutions that unlock the full value of your marketing. The result? Outstanding marketing. Outstanding results.

Better return on analytics.