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4 easy ways to get the most bang for your buck when it comes to DR TV spend

They require minimal modelling and the improvement in ROI can be substantial.

So without further ado, here they are.


1. Natural Seasonality vs. TV Cost (savings up to 20%)


TV Cost varies across the year, Mar-May and Sep to Nov are typically more expensive than other months. This combined with the fact that different products have different sales seasonality means that there is always opportunity for improving your DR TV ROI – even when sales are flat! By up-weighting TV deployment in the months when your product seasonality is naturally high and TV is low we can improve annual TV ROIs. We’ve done exactly that above for the 4 “typical” seasonal patterns and by upweighting “good” months and reducing spend in “bad” months we were able to improve ROI in the following manner:

  • Xmas Product ROI up from 1.45 to 1.55 (+7%)
  • Summer Product ROI up from 1.97 to 2.08 (+6%)
  • Winter Product ROI up from 1.80 to 1.97 (+9%)
  • No Seasonal Product ROI up from 2.24 to 2.34 (+5%)

These improvements maintain a presence on air throughout the year, but where we were able to cut out the worst months entirely and spend that money in the better months improvements of up to 15-20% were made – for the same overall outlay.

2.  Optimised Spot Length (saving up to 10%)

One of our non-for-profit clients (a charity for children in the developing world) was deploying 2 versions of a creative, one showing the problems these children face (30’’) and the other creative showing the problems AND the way in which donations help (60’’). Even though the 60’’ spot considerably cost more than the 30’’ spot, the additional impact from the 60’’ spot more than offset the cost resulting in 7% better ROI per pound spent.

By simply using the most efficient creative (and understanding why they work and what the patterns are) you can increase your ROI by as much as 10% with no additional cost to you.

3. Week-part and Day-part Optimisation (saving up to 25%)

By modelling real time data (visits to your website or social media mentions) you can pinpoint the best days – and even the best times – to be on-air. In most cases there are significant fluctuations in the efficiency of DR TV based on when your target customers are watching and most receptive to your message.

This leads nicely to the fourth of our DRTV quick wins…

4. Channel mix optimisation (saving up to 30%)

Our final quick win in DR TV optimisation is correlating media deployment against certain channels (or programs) with sales in an econometric model to determine which channels (or programs) are the most efficient at driving sales of your products or services. In many cases it’s even possible to derive recommendations about optimum flighting (deployment) patterns, or weights to help you identify whether, say, short concentrated bursts work better than slow, sustained drips.

We hope this gives you plenty of food for thought! Don’t forget Piquant are experts in media measurement and deployment. We’re experienced in helping clients get the most from their media budgets. The chances are we can help you make your media investments work harder, your budgets go further and your sales increase. Call us, or use the contact form on the website, to find out more about Piquant Direct – our tailored service for DR media clients.

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