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Profit & Loss

Piquant P&L is a simulation service that takes a static P&L and reconstructs it as a dynamic tool linked to the market place.

Businesses manage by their P&Ls. Increasingly, there is a trend towards seeing the impact of sales and marketing activities in bottom-line P&L terms. Often there is scrutiny of marketing budgets at the board level. Marketers, if they are to secure the resources necessary to build thriving brands need to deal in financial terms.

Using measurements taken from econometric modelling, we calibrate the relationships between the various lines of your P&L from the ground up. We then use this dynamic P&L to run simulations of the investment scenarios you want to explore to see their impact in final P&L terms, to help you make the best investment decisions for your P&L.

Benefits for you

  • Translate investment decisions into P&L terms – see exactly how your decisions will impact your P&L
  • Add financial rigour to your marketing actions – persuade your board colleagues
  • Prove the value created by your marketing
  • Multi-year – explore different P&L trajectories to balance short- and long-term needs
  • Compare investment scenarios – see a P&L for each scenario to make comparison easy
  • Integrates seamlessly with piquant modelling, in particular piquant mix and piquant max