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Plan & Predict

Piquant plan takes marketing analytics to the next level of detail.

Whereas piquant max and piquant p&l inform your strategy, piquant plan is designed to help operational decision-making by simulating the impact of your marketing plan down at the most granular level of detail.

Piquant plan works by creating a laydown plan of all your proposed marketing activities for the coming year. Using robust modelled relationships we translate the plan into detailed, weekly sales forecasts for the year ahead, showing you exactly what you can expect to sell in any given week, or month.

Benefits for you

  • Aids operational decision-making – see the impact in detail, in practice
  • Power demand-planning with rigorous modelling – factor marketing into your plans to align production with demand
  • Future-looking – make the best possible forecast now
  • Rolls up to your annual operating plan and P&L to ensure consistency
  • Scenario-driven –  easily compare different marketing plans
  • Incorporates all main drivers – media (including halo), promotions (including cannibalisation), price, distribution, NPD – to give you the full view
  • Profit-linking – see the bottom line