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Optimise Brand Investment

Piquant max helps you get the maximum value from your resources.

Based on robust measurements from econometric modelling, max takes advantage of the natural differences in the strength of your sales drivers and the responsiveness of different brands to those drivers to unlock the extra value hidden in your investments.

Some channels, maybe TV or Press, will work better for your brand than others. Some brands will be more responsive to media than others. With some brands you want to invest a minimum amount to maintain sales; with others you want to invest ahead to drive growth. Piquant max helps you achieve your strategic objectives with smart investment decisions.

Piquant max uses advanced nonlinear optimisation algorithms which factor in:

  • measured, historic sales driver (e.g. media) performance – robust and accurate
  • the best brand forecasts – future-proof your plans
  • minimum thresholds and saturation spends – reach critical mass without encountering diminishing returns
  • base trend forecasts – incorporate the latest market information

Benefits for you

  • Optimise the investment between brands, media channels and between media and promotions – maximise your profit and sales
  • Determine the right budget size – build the investment case for your brands
  • Forward-looking – future-proofed using consensus forecasts from workshops
  • Multi-year – trade off short-term and long-term gains
  • Scenario-driven – compare the impact of different investment strategies